What’s Gen Zed?

Hey! Welcome to Gen Zed – an edgy animated comedy about a young Trans woman who wants to be a stand up comic and her online friends who move in together.

It’s Friends meets Modern Family – with a huge dollop of The Young Ones. The show’s pilot will be released in 2016.


This is Shona, 19, and she’s the stand-up comic. There’s also:


Gen Zed

Cameron – 20. Shit poet. Lonely. Trying to create an OS that would fall in love with him.

Gen Zed

Huey – 23. Angry. Very angry. Hates people. And he’s a wizard on GarageBand.

Gen Zed

Betsy – 22. Asian-American Trustafarian. Heir to millions. Hooked on prescription drugs. And up-and-coming fashion designer.

Gen Zed

Quillam – UNKNOWN. He’s just a voice – with an English accent – on their headsets; a guy they play Bugs with. That’s his avatar; the all-seeing eye.

Gen Zed

Taylor – 22. She works at the video game store with Cameron and he’s got a HUGE crush on her. But she has a secret…

Gen Zed

Mr. Jiminez – 57. Their landlord. He thought he’d retire to a quiet life after investing his DMV-job retirement money into a building in Downtown LA. Sadly, the economy took a dump on his dreams and he now has to work his ass off as maintenance, janitor, and everything else just to break even. Making things worse is his wife who’s not very happy with him.


Our main cast includes Julie Rei Goldstein, John M. Keating, Emily C. Chang, Kevyn Richmond and Hayden Black. We’re joined by Jane Wiedlin, Richard Schiff, Hal Sparks, Matthew Del Negro, Miracle Laurie, Marcelo Tubert, Trace Lysette, Ryder Goodwin, Stephanie Bentley, Lidia Porto & more.

The first season, an eight-episode extravaganza entitled “The Event,” chronicles how they meet, find an apartment, move in together and throw an epic housewarming party. Look for the series in 2016.

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